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Why are Communication Problems in a Marriage such a Major Issue with most Couples?

First, communication is one of the pillars of a solid foundation in any intimately close relationship. If you do not feel connected to your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend or “significant other”, then frustration and resentment begin to set in. This generally unfolds in one to five years whereby one or the other party, or even both parties together, begin to recognize they have a problem.

What used to be just “joking” now becomes hostile sarcasm, taking “jabs” at one another or avoiding conflict “just to get along”. The “honeymoon” stage is over and now you begin to wonder if the two of you are compatible or not. Whereas previously, there was no criticism of one another, one or both parties start to notice the habits of each other and there is increased scrutiny of one another.

How and why comments are made to one another become more important. Casual, free-flowing communication gets replaced by hesitancy to be forthright or the parties resort to have a “tone” with one another. A stressful job or children with behavioral problems may exacerbate the interactive dynamics between husband and wife. Neither party seems to get better at communicating. The couple then begins to see their emotional closeness waning and withering away. These are just some of the warning signs that often lead to further deterioration of the relationship.