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Philosophy of Care

The Couple and Family as the Basic Unit of Society

Arizona Couples works on the premise that couples, whether married or not, form the basic unit of a society.  Human beings are biologically, psychologically and socially wired to seek out and maintain relationships.  While there may be nothing “wrong” with living a single life, most humans have a need to share their lives with a significant other, give and receive emotional closeness, and procreate their species.  Arizona Couples believes that the breakdown and fragmentation of couples and families is the most damaging and threatening influence on the infrastructure of a culture.  Arizona Couples is dedicated to the reasonable and mutually satisfying integrity of the couple’s relationship, as well as the nuclear family.  Therefore, careful evaluation is not only spent on the couple’s relationship, but on their children and important family members as well. In some cases children are eventually incorporated into the couple’s therapy so that the entire family unit is properly restored to balance, often after years of children’s exposure to marital dysfunction.