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East Valley Marriage and Relationship Counseling

With over twenty years of experience, Arizona Couples is the professional and often preferred center for marriage counseling in the Phoenix metropolitan area, and East Valley in particular. Clients come from as far away as Tuscon and the West Valley to our convenient location near the 101 and 60 freeways. Our methods concentrate on the emotional well-being of couples who value their commitment to each other. We’re dedicated to helping our couples find real solutions to their problems in the ways which work best for them. Through these sessions, couples will experience in-depth learning about themselves through our dynamic, interactive sessions and thorough evaluation. All sessions are conducted in a private and non-judgmental atmosphere to enhance emotional closeness between participants. In an environment of vulnerability and trust, it’s possible to resolve complex conflicts and overcome childhood issues that stand in the way of a healthy relationship.

Marriage counseling is appropriate for relationships of all ages and stages (including pre-marital), and can serve as valuable life coaching tool for couples. A compatibility analysis will reveal similarities which can help the relationship grow, as well as present differences which might be hindering its progress. After an assessment, these issues can be addressed in a way that is productive and positive for both participants. Our comprehensive marriage counseling has helped many couples to overcome difficult obstacles and rebuild a healthy relationship.

As part of our commitment to helping all ages and stages of relationships, we extend our couples counseling to any couple experiencing difficulties in maintaining a healthy relationship. Though individuals are all unique and face their own obstacles in life, there are several distinct areas where many couples struggle. Our hope is that with the right instruction, tools, and knowledge, we can help you resolve deep-seated issues and move forward together.

One of the most prevalent issues we address for couples counseling in the Phoenix area is communication dysfunction. This is a major problem area, one from which other issues are often derived.

Emotional closeness is built on clear and positive communication, which is why couples who experience emotional distance and distrust are often suffering from poor communication with each other. Our counseling sessions incorporate communication training designed to help each person develop clear, positive communication skills in order to express one’s self and eliminate distance and distrust within a relationship.

The next issue many couples request help with is conflict resolution. Facing too many difficulties—or too few—takes a toll on a couple’s ability to resolve conflict effectively. Our counseling addresses what’s standing in the way of conflict resolution in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Our couples learn how to resolve conflicts in a timely manner that benefits both partners so that improvement in the relationship can continue at a consistent rate. Once a couple develops the skills to resolve their own conflicts effectively, the relationship will begin to see positive change. Our couples counseling addresses co-dependent relationships sensitively, and aims to restructure the relationship in a healthier way.

We also provide counseling and support to couples dealing with psychological disorders. Often, one party might be suffering from different types of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, adult attention deficit disorders, or other mental obstacles that contribute to communication dysfunction and/or emotional distance. With caring, individualized counseling, couples can reconcile these differences and learn how to support each other through trying times. When we understand each other’s viewpoints and needs, it becomes much easier to resolve conflict and work together in a positive way to accomplish life’s goals.

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