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Am I having an Emotional Affair with one of my Co-workers?

Individuals, in American society, often work long hours in companies and organizations. Many Americans work more than 50-60 hours a week and spend more time with their coworkers than they do with family members—sometimes by far. This can result in development of inappropriate boundaries with others at work.

Sooner or later, many spouses discover excessive, often unnecessary emails, texting, telephone calls, and lunch outings pertaining to their loved one’s relationships with certain people at work. Instead of being home for a family meal on Friday night, there is a late notice from John that he won’t be home for dinner because of “important business” with Jane, his manager at work. They have agreed to have a few cocktails at happy hour to “strategize” the new budget plan for the upcoming fiscal year.

Mary at first does not think much of it, however, she begins to notice that her husband is “too tired” to talk with her when he gets home late. She notices he is being more critical of the 15 pounds she put on over the last few months. She finally poses the question to her husband: “Are you having an affair?” He answers “Of course not, you are crazy. I don’t have sex with my boss!”

As John and his supervisor spend more and more time together, much of it unnecessary, but technically “not sexual” then everything is fine, right?

Well, not so fast. Now it turns out Jane’s husband has become suspicious of his own wife and calls Mary to see if she’s worried about John’s behavior lately.

The next day, Mary Google searches “Marriage Therapy, Mesa AZ” for the marriage therapist nearby and makes an appointment. You decide what goes on next.