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Welcome to Arizona Couples

Arizona Couples is dedicated to the emotional well-being of couples who value commitment and finding solutions to their problems. Exclusively for couples and individuals with relationship problems, Arizona Couples provides sophisticated counseling services for couples interested in in-depth learning about themselves both as individuals and as a couple.

From the thoroughness of the initial evaluation to the live interactive dynamics of the counseling sessions themselves, Arizona Couples strives for excellence in therapy and counseling services for adults. All couples complete a comprehensive evaluation which is customarily followed by an intensive course of counseling. Counseling of couples occurs in a private, non-judgmental environment designed to encourage openness and honesty.

Intricate restructuring of the couples’ interactive communication dynamics are carefully balanced with the couples’ emotional and psychological needs and requirements. In this way, careful consideration is paid to each individual’s personality characteristics. Clients with psychological disorders may be offered additional professional treatment to enhance the outcome of their counseling. Treatment arrangements can also be made for clients with substance abuse problems whose marriages have suffered as a result. Arizona Couples is a full service practice which uses only licensed psychologists to provide professional services to the public, therefore ensuring some of the highest level of therapist credentialing based on education, training and experience.

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